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What We Do

THE CONNECTICUT STATE EMPLOYEES’ CAMPAIGN FOR CHARITABLE GIVING (CSEC) is the once-a-year opportunity for Connecticut State Employees to contribute to non-profit charities through their workplace. Through the CSEC you can make a single gift to help people locally, throughout the nation, and around the world. The contributions made by you and your fellow employees make possible a wide range of vital services: shelter for the homeless, protection of the environment, research for cures of diseases, care for both children and seniors. These are only a fraction of the services provided by the nearly 700 charities listed on this website.

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Last year the Connecticut State Employees' Campaign raised
for charity!

BJ's Promotion

BJ's Promotion

State Employees can receive discounted BJ's memberships. The money generated goes to support campaign charities.

Next promotion during the month of November.


download donation form

Download Form

Click here to download a donation form to fill out and return.

Payroll or one time gift donations can also be made online. Click here.

Please return your completed form through one of following options: Submit it to your agency's campaign coordinator; fax it to (860) 222-3175;
or mail it to

  • CSEC
    35 Cold Spring Road, Suite 412
    Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Featured Charity

Handicap International:

Co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, Handicap International is an independent and impartial organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. One of Handicap's priorities is to prevent injuries from landmines through weapons and landmine clearance, risk education activities, stockpile management, and advocacy to ban landmines and cluster bombs.

Success Story:

In 2005, then 7-year-old Kanha had to have her leg amputated after her father accidently triggered a decades-old landmine.

Nearly a year later, Kanha's mother helped her to a Handicap International orthopedic workshop in Kompong Cham where she was fitted with a prosthetic leg. With her “new leg”, Kanha was able to walk on her own and return to school. Every six months, Kanha returns to the Handicap workshop to have her prosthetic leg replaced as she grows taller.

Kanha exemplifies the dangers of hidden landmines and other explosive remnants of war that terrorize vulnerable populations in many war-torn countries. Although Kanha and many others have been saved and rehabilitated thanks to Handicap's work, many more will continue to suffer until their communities are fully cleared of these explosives. Handicap strives to do just that.

Source: Handicap International

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A Message From the Statewide Campaign Chair


Dear Fellow State Employee:

Welcome to the Connecticut State Employees’ Campaign for Charitable Giving (CSEC).

I’m excited to announce that -- for the first time ever -- state employees and retirees can now donate online -- right here through the campaign website!

Connecticut state employees and retirees already have a long legacy of charitable giving – donating millions over the years to organizations that deliver shelter for the homeless, environmental protections, important medical research and care for children and seniors. This new online donation system will make it even easier to serve your community and demonstrate our values as public servants.

As the statewide campaign chair, I’m calling on my fellow state employees and retirees to take advantage of this new online giving site and make this a record-breaking year!


Kevin Lembo
State Comptroller

Statewide Campaign Chair