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2017 2nd Annual CSEC Charity Tennis Tournament

To register for the Second Annual CT State Employees' Campaign Charity Tennis Tournament, please click on the link below:

2016  Final Report

Click to view the Final Report for the 2016 Campaign

Charitable Giving is a good idea, but…
What does my donation actually purchase?
Where does the contributed money really go?
I can only give my spare change; would that help at all?
Please click HERE to download a short PowerPoint presentation that you can click through to see the answers. You are allowed to view this on work time on your work computer.

Mental Health Commissioner Miriam Delphin

It is not too late to donate!

The on-line pledging tool is still available as the 2016 Campaign is still open!

 If you are a state retiree, new employee, or a State of Connecticut employee who has just discovered the State's donation arrangement, you CAN still participate. Campaign staff can accept and process donations at ANY time during the year. If you wish to participate in the Charitable Giving Campaign, simply contact the Campaign office at 860-402-8430 or email Jan at  or Joyce at  for more details. Additionally, the on-line pledging tool is now available for the 2016 Campaign. Click here to donate online!

What We Do

THE CONNECTICUT STATE EMPLOYEES' CAMPAIGN FOR CHARITABLE GIVING (CSEC) is the once-a-year opportunity for Connecticut State Employees to contribute to non-profit charities through their workplace. Through the CSEC you can make a single gift to help people locally, throughout the nation, and around the world. The contributions made by you and your fellow employees make possible a wide range of vital services: shelter for the homeless, protection of the environment, research for cures of diseases, care for both children and seniors. These are only a fraction of the services provided by the nearly 700 charities listed on this website.

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BJ's Promotion

BJ's CSEC  Promotion

State Employees can receive discounted BJ's memberships. The money generated goes to support campaign charities.


Download Form

download donation form

Click here to download a donation form to fill out and return.

Payroll or one time gift donations can also be made online. Click here.

Please return your completed form through one of following options: Submit it to your agency's campaign coordinator; or fax it to (860) 222-3175.