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About the Campaign

THE CONNECTICUT STATE EMPLOYEES' CAMPAIGN FOR CHARITABLE GIVING (CSEC) allows Connecticut State Employees to contribute to non-profit charities at the workplace through the convenience of payroll deduction!

Your donations go to hundreds of participating non-profits of your choice that have been thoroughly reviewed by a committee.

Through the CSEC you can make a single gift to help people locally, throughout the nation, and around the world. The contributions made by you and your fellow employees make possible a wide range of vital services: shelter for the homeless, protection of the environment, research for cures of diseases, care for both children and seniors. These are only a fraction of the services provided by the nearly 700 charities listed on this website.

Voluntary Participation

Your participation in this campaign is completely voluntary. If you feel that you have been unduly pressured or coerced to participate in this campaign, please contact the Campaign Helpline 860-493.6840 for assistance.

Principal Combined Fundraising Organization (PCFO)

United Way - Central and Northeastern Connecticut
30 Laurel Street
Hartford, CT 06106

CSEC Administration - Central and Northeastern Connecticut

The operation of the CSEC is overseen by a group of State Employees who are appointed to serve on the State Employees' Campaign Committee. United Way has been selected by the campaign committee to act as the Principal Combined Fundraising Organization, PCFO, (pursuant to PA 93-182) for this charitable drive.

What does a PCFO do?
Functions of the PCFO include: development of communication materials, coordination of training programs, management of local community campaigns, reporting/distributing of campaign proceeds and supporting the effort of hundreds of volunteers throughout the state who make this drive possible.


All gifts will be forwarded as specified by you after a deduction for administrative costs. Contact the CSEC for more information: 860-493-6846.



You have the option of designating all or a portion of your contribution to one or more charitable agencies listed in the directory. If you do not wish to designate your gift it will be distributed to each federation based on their overall percentage of designated gifts. All gifts will be forwarded as specified by you after a deduction for administrative costs. In the event the agency you designate to is not a part of the CSEC, or if your designation is incomplete or illegible, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you. If we are unable to reach you, your gift will be distributed among participating federations. Each charitable organization listed in this directory has gone through a rigorous screening process by the CSEC committee. Since the campaign is governed by State Regulations 5-262-3, only those charities that meet the requirements specified in the regulations, and are approved by the campaign committee, are eligible to receive contributions made through the CSEC. The CSEC is unable to accept donations designated to other charities not listed in this directory.



The campaign has two methods for which a pledge can be made. The easiest method is payroll deduction of which $1 per pay period is the minimum contribution. The second option is a one-time gift in the form of cash or a check. Unfortunately, a one-time payroll deduction pledge is not possible through this campaign.


About Participating Charities

All of the federations and their agencies listed in this directory have gone through a rigorous application review process based on regulations governing the operation of this campaign. Percentages listed after each organization's description represent the annual fundraising and administrative costs as a percentage of total income. Please consult the 2017 Directory of organizations for financial information on the participating federations and charities, by clicking here.

Organizations with an administrative percentage over 25% are not accepted to this campaign unless they have adequately demonstrated that they are taking the necessary steps to bring these expenses below 25%, as is the case with agencies that have an (*) after their percentage. The CSEC committee has given these agencies a one-year extension to bring their administrative cost to below 25%.



If you wish to receive an ackowledgement from the charit(ies) to whom you designated, please check the appropriate box on the pledge card. Please note: the charity(ies) will receive notification of the amount of your gift.


Leave A Legacy Connecticut

Leave something in your will for a cause that is important to you. Leave a Legacy to any of the almost 700 charitable organizations listed in this directory. A statewide collaboration of nonprofit organizations, grant makers, professional advisors and other community leaders, Leave a Legacy Connecticut was established to promote public interest in charitable giving. If you have a financial planner, lawyer, accountant or insurance agent, they can help you get started. If you need assistance in finding a professional advisor, contact Infoline at 211.


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